Delectable French Food: It’s More Than Just Meat

French cuisine is synonymous with rich and meaty saucisson, beautifully spreadable rillettes, and thick slices of flavourful terrine. But don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all French food is about.  


Believe it or not, even meat-loving France can produce vegan and vegetarian options with the best of them! So if you’re thinking of participating in Veganuary – or you simply want to cut down on your meat consumption – why not consider trying out some of France’s very best meat-free dishes? 


Here are just a few of our favourites here at BonneBouffe: 




Made famous around the world thanks to an overly ambitious cartoon rat, ratatouille is one of France’s best-known plant-based dishes. Created in Provence, it’s a mix of sliced tomatoes, onions, aubergine, and courgette, seasoned with bay leaves and thyme. Roscoff onions from Brittany are ideal for this dish as their naturally milder flavour doesn’t overpower the other ingredients.  

Vegetable pithivier 


If you think savoury French pastries are off the menu during Veganuary, think again! Armed with some sheets of fresh puff pastry, you can whip up a mouthwatering veggie-filled pithivier. Pithivier is a French pie named after its birthplace, the town of Pithiviers in northern France. You can fill your pie with anything, from girolle mushrooms to chunky pieces of roasted root vegetables. 




Tartines are the perfect meat-free French snack, the French equivalent of Italian bruschetta. They can be topped with any veg, but we think that, when it comes to tartines, the simpler the better. A drizzle of olive oil over a thick slice of toasted baguette, and a quick rub with some garlic is all you need as a base before adding your toppings. Purple garlic works wonderfully for tartines thanks to its milder, more subtle flavour.   


Experience the iconic tastes of France 


Ready to be knocked off your feet? Many of the classic flavours associated with French cuisine are naturally vegan-friendly. It may sound a bit strange for a country that prides itself on its duck mousses, shellfish bisques, and pungent cheeses, but it’s true.  


Think about all those stunning flavours that come to mind when you think about French cooking.  Sweet and buttery Ardèche chestnuts. Sharp and tangy Dijon mustard. Strong and nutty praline. Authentically Basque piperade. And tarty fruit jams like morello cherry. These are all naturally free of animal products, so the flavours of France are never out of reach – even if you’re not a big meat eater.  


More choice than ever before 


While France hasn’t always catered to vegetarians and vegans quite as well as it has to carnivores, all that is changing. More and more French and European producers are launching exciting new animal-free foods, like the popular Callebaut with their vegan-friendly dark chocolate callets 

The best place to find all this delicious vegan and vegetarian-free French food online? Right here at BonneBouffe. Check out our vegan chilled food and vegan food cupboard to see what’s on offer.