Experience the Excellence of French Dairy

France has a longstanding and well-earned reputation for its premium quality dairy products. It’s a reputation built through centuries and centuries of careful farming and meticulous production.  


So why settle for anything less than true excellence? Since 1964, dairy lovers from around the world have been enjoying award-winning butters, cheeses, creams, and milks from one of France’s oldest and best dairy cooperatives, Sodiaal – a group bringing the ‘Excellence of French Dairy’ to everyone.  


Uniting the best in the business 


Sodiaal works with more than 17,000 French dairy farmers and producers, including instantly recognisable brands such as Candia, Entremont, and Douceur de France. The cooperative’s aim isn’t just to produce mouthwatering French foods, but to promote companies that respect their farmers, their animals, and the planet. It brings the very best producers together to offer a wide range of dairy products that go above and beyond, both in taste and in their positive impact on our world.  

The Excellence of French Dairy brand brings these products to the UK, enabling you to buy exceptional French food online directly from trusted suppliers. Like us here at BonneBouffe!  


Cheeses from across France 


Sodiaal operates more than 70 production factories all over France, offering a diverse range of delectable cheeses. There’s lots of choice, from hard, nutty varieties to stunningly beautiful blues.  


From the mountainous French Alps comes Raclette, a Gruyere-like cheese known for its nutty and salty flavours. A fantastic melter, Raclette is best served heated, with the melted cheese poured over potatoes, meat and vegetables. 


The Franche-Comté region on the Swiss border gives us Comté, a semi-hard cheese made from unpasteurised cows’ milk. It’s a wonderfully light cheese, with a mildly sweet flavour and a taste that’s rich and creamy, almost like fresh butter. It shares similar qualities with Italian Fontina.  

Looking for something a little different? Bleu D’auvergne ticks all the right boxes. Produced in south-central France, this is one of the creamiest blue cheeses you will ever have sampled. Yet it’s still got that unmistakable strong, pungent taste that we love about the blue varieties.  


Where to begin 


Not sure which Excellence of French Dairy product to order first? Why not start off with some of Sodiaal’s award-winning products? There are a lot of them! The Roquefort PDO La Pastourelle came away with a silver medal at The World Cheese Awards, making it an excellent cheese to try.  


Or for something completely unrivalled, it’s got to be the International Cheese & Dairy Awards gold medal winner: Renard-Gillard’s Brie de Meaux. Renard-Gillard has been a ‘House of Excellence’ since 1886, specialising in Brie de Meaux and other raw-milk cheeses such as Coulommier.  

Beyond cheese 


While cheese is the true highlight of the French dairy industry, the Excellence of French Dairy doesn’t stop there. Sodiaal works with producers offering a wide range of products, including salted and unsalted butters and rich whipping creams, all made to authentic French traditions.  


But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at the fantastic selection of delicious products we offer here at BonneBouffe, and experience the excellence of French dairy for yourself.