about us

In 1997, BonneBouffe’s founder started importing and selling food from his native France to professional and home cooks in the UK through Amazon. Soon, Abiker – as the company was then known – was receiving so many orders that it made sense to rebrand and sell to our customers directly on our own dedicated platform. That’s when BonneBouffe was born.

“Bonne bouffe” is French for “good food”, and that’s been our focus from the start. We source the very best ingredients, delicacies and pre-prepared dishes directly from French wholesalers and specialist suppliers. Whether you’re into cooking, love baking, or you’re just looking for the perfect saucisson to go with your wine, you’ll find lots to
enjoy in our online shop.

Our team is based in Ashford, Kent, close to the Channel Tunnel and the Port of Dover. We know and love French food, and our passion and expertise are at your disposal. We think of BonneBouffe as an online French delicatessen, so we keep it well stocked with a wide range of French goods, from cheese, charcuterie and chocolate, via sauces, confits and preserves, to flours, herbs and flavourings. And if there’s something you want that isn’t already on offer, all you need to do is get in touch. 


We only sell what we have in stock, so you’ll never have to worry about long waiting times. We guarantee fast delivery, and you’ll often have your order the next day .

Our values

Quality over quantity
We source and sell a wide variety of ever-changing products
We’ll only send something out to you we’d be happy to receive ourselves
Eco-friendly packaging