Give the Gift of French Flavour This Christmas

The festive season is just around the corner. And that means we’re all busy thinking about what we can pop under the tree for our nearest and dearest. But what will it be this year? Why not give them something different – like a delicious burst of French flavour.   At BonneBouffe, we stock a range of delicious and beautifully packaged gifts. Each one delivers a mouthwatering taste of France, from traditional Provençal confectioneries to iconic Basque bakes.   Need some inspiration? Take a look…



Know someone that loves trying all sorts of different foods? A French gift set gives them an opportunity to sample lots of different flavours from across various parts of the country. La Belle Chaurienne’s trio of rillettes is a good starting point, or Castaing Chutney and Foie gras gift box from Castaing. Or perhaps a gift set of Basque-style biscuits from Ederki. For those with a sweeter tooth, how about a selection of Provencal cakes in a variety of flavours?


A carefully curated French cheese selection is just the ticket for anyone who loves a good cheese board. A great cheese selection should have a little bit of everything. Creamy bries and camemberts. Pungent blues like Roquefort. Tangy goat’s cheeses. And a few mountain cheeses like Comté and Emmental thrown in for good measure. You can customise as much as you want by adding in some, quince jelly from Albert Ménès, or a cheese curler for the perfect cut, every time. 



Dry-cured French sausages, or saucisson, make ideal gifts for anyone who appreciates rich, meaty flavours. They come in all sorts of tasty varieties, from garlic, tomato, and black pepper to wild boar, hazelnut, and duck. If you’re not quite sure what to choose, a mixed saucisson bundle is a great choice. Don’t forget about terrines, too. Castaing have a lovely variety including wild boar terrine, hare and hazelnut, and venison perfect for the big gathering during the festive season.



If you’ve got a friend or family member who can’t get enough of sweet treats, why not introduce them to some traditional French confectioneries? Calissons are the obvious choice; almond-based ‘smiles’ from Provence that are the ultimate in self-indulgence. Or for something a little more fruity, it’s got to be a black cherry basque cake. It’s impossible to tell what the star of the show is: the flakey, buttery pastry, or the rich black cherry jam filling that’s bursting with flavour. 

Make this Christmas one to remember, with a little help from BonneBouffe, and delicious products from some of France’s most iconic food brands.