Transform Emotion into Taste With Bacanha’s Handcrafted Parisian Syrups


Launched in 2013, the Bacanha brand was developed with one goal in mind: to spark emotion through taste. The founders envisioned a future where we didn’t just consume drinks, but experienced their sensations and spirit, and they’ve achieved just that with Bacanha raw syrups 


Today, the ever-growing range of all-natural syrups is made by infusing sugar syrup with fruits, plants, herbs and spices, and can be used in everything from water to coffees, teas, cocktails and cakes. They are naturally lower in sugar but more concentrated in flavours with no added preservatives or artificial colours.  


Handcrafted in France 


As a French brand, it’s only natural that all Bacanha’s raw syrups are researched, developed, and crafted in the country. Bacanha works with local French artisans on the French Riviera to concoct new ideas, and manufactures the syrups in the Ile-de-France region. The syrups are made using fruit juices, natural extracts and essential oils, and many of the finished products are organic-certified.  



Syrup with a sustainable difference 


In a shift from the standard method of European agriculture, Bacanha has adopted sustainable practices with help from South American sugar producer Native. The Brazil-based producer built its own unique system for sustainable sugarcane production in 1987, revolutionising organic harvesting.  


As part of Bacanha’s unwavering commitment to the environment, the brand is also dedicated to helping reduce the number of single-use drinks bottles that are sold around the world. With each 400ml Bacanha bottle holding enough syrup to make between 20 and 25 drinks – from refreshing soft drinks to iced teas – the brand hopes to minimise the impact of drinks bottles on the environment.  





Take a step into 19th-century France 


While sustainability is important, perhaps one of the most attractive elements of Bacanha is the beautiful glass bottle in which the syrups are presented. Inspired by antique Parisian apothecary jars, with the iconic narrow neck and bulky body, the brown-tinted medicine-style bottles are stunning. Even the label has been carefully designed to mimic the old tags showing medicinal compositions.  


Early apothecary jars served two distinct purposes: to store bitters and cordials, but also to showcase some of the more expensive and high-end tonics. Therefore, it was imperative that they were alluring and enchanting. That’s exactly what Bacanha’s syrup bottles are: they’re designed and decorated to impress.

Ideas & inspiration    Bacanha offers a wide range of flavours, from the warming ginger and cinnamon syrups to the fruity peach and subtly refreshing cucumber options. There are also exotic yuzu and passionfruit flavours, indulgent salted caramel and speculoos, and many more. Looking for some inspiration? Here are a couple of easy ideas… 

Vanilla latte 

Combine warm milk, coffee, and Bacanha vanilla syrup for a barista-quality morning treat. 


Mint refresher 

Hot day? All you need is lemonade, soda water, ice cubes, and Bacanha’s cool mint syrup. 


Bringing French excellence direct to you 


Handcrafted in the Paris region, and with ideas from the hills north of Cannes, Bacanha is a French brand through and through. And at BonneBouffe, we’re thrilled to be able to bring these raw syrups to the UK. Specialising in French food online, we offer a selection of our favourite Bacanha syrups in our online store, perfect for cocktails, mocktails, and adding a touch of tasty essence to any drink.