Fiery and Flamboyant: A Taste of Basque Passion at Home

The Basque region is known for its fiery flavours and beautiful landscapes. It’s also the home of Ederki. This traditional Basque producer dates back to 1942, but despite this long history, they’ve managed to keep things small and local. Today, the company employs just 19 people, all of whom are dedicated to passing on authentic Ederki and Basque savoir-faire values to their customers.  


Each of the products in Ederki’s range blends tradition, innovation, and delivers a mouth-watering bite of the Basque country to wherever you might be.  


Bring home the uplifting ocean air  


However far from the sea you might live, you can always access the singular delights of the Basque shores and beyond with Ederki’s seafood products. Delicacies such as its stuffed squid (or chipirons) served in a traditional Basquaise sauce make for a delicious apéritif when paired with some artisanal Ederki crackers. These also make for an appetising addition to any French cheeseboard.  All the ingredients used are sourced from the brand’s intimate network of local agricultural producers, whose quality they know and trust. 

Local ingredients 


In fact, whether it’s delivered straight from the ocean or grown in a Basque farm, Ederki’s meat-based ingredients come straight from the Landes or the Navarre regions. These are renowned areas of culinary quality and high agricultural standards, and they’re blessed with an enviable climate. Many of the vegetables for products such as Ederki’s peppers come from hand-picked, local farms. The farmers here rely on traditions that have been refined over the centuries. Meanwhile, all the seafood comes straight from the Atlantic. 


Innovative recipes 


Of course, while using the finest of products guarantees quality, it’s not everything. That’s where Ederki’s innovative gastronomy plays a part – and makes the maison stand out. Whether it’s in its sauce américaine – deceptively Basque, despite its name! – which packs a punch thanks to that Cayenne pepper, or the smooth honey and spicy Espelette peppers used to great effect in its compote, each product in the Ederki range stands out with its flavours. They’re also versatile. Great for an apéritif, of course, the compotes and olives make a welcome addition to many meat, vegetable and cheese dishes.  




The Basque country is synonymous with piquancy, so if you like spice, you’ll love Ederki’s piperade.  Crammed full of local Basquais peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic, the fiery flavours can be used in whatever quantities you like – and however you want to use them to bring a taste of south-west France to your home.    


“Vitality and conviviality”  


This unique corner of France is both autonomous and culturally unique. The people of the Basque region are passionate, and that passion can be tasted in every bite of Ederki’s range. It’s perhaps no surprise, considering its origins, that one of the maison’s presiding values is that of “vitality and conviviality”: the perfect ingredients for your apéritif or every day cooking.  


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