Bring Home the Fine, Flamboyant Flavours of the South-West with Castaing

Long associated with France’s picturesque and rustic south-west corner, the rich delicacies of foie gras and game terrines are unlike anything else you’ll ever taste. Creamy, unctuous, and delicious spread over generous chunks of fresh baguette, sourdough or brioche, foies gras and terrines make the ultimate apéritif to start off your evening in style. 


Among BonneBouffe’s selection of the best French food online, we sell the very finest of traditional delicacies and ingredients made by the artisanal Maison Castaing. Marrying quality with tradition, the Castaing family create recipes that incorporate decades of knowledge and expertise.  

Castaing BonneBouffe Blog Post
Castaing BonneBouffe Blog Post

Foie gras origins 


You would be forgiven for thinking foie gras was indigenous to France, and of course it’s synonymous with French culinary heritage. Its origins, though, were a little further away. It is believed it was the Ancient Egyptians who were the first to produce this delicacy made from goose livers. Word quickly spread – and then the Greeks, followed by the Romans, found a love for it, too. It was the latter who brought the tradition to France, and the rest, as they say, is history. 


Over the centuries that passed, recipes and culinary traditions were refined even further. We need to go back to 1925 to find the beginning of Castaing’s own history. In a beautiful village called Coudures, Joseph Castaing had a name among his neighbours for preparing the finest of foies gras, along with delicious terrines and confits. He began to sell them, and his name rightfully acquired a reputation for quality.  

Castaing today 


Today, just a few miles from Coudures, it’s Joseph’s grandson Jean Daniel who’s at the helm. He always respects the founding values and the traditions that have developed over the past century. This pioneering company of traditional French cuisine now distributes its products across the world. Here at BonneBouffe, you can find an impressive selection of Castaing products to choose from, whether you prefer to serve yours spread on crusty bread or pan-seared. 



What’s more, while the name Castaing is often associated with foie gras, the delicacies of the south-west – and of Castaing’s repertoire – extend much further. Often drawing on the distinctive flavours of game, whether that’s venison, wild boar or even hare, the culinary traditions of this picturesque region are known for their bold local flavours. And the locality is rich in quality; this corner of les Landes in Aquitaine produces more than half of the entire region’s foie gras.  


Castaing BonneBouffe Blog Post

However, it’s not just the superiority of the raw ingredients that make Castaing stand out; it’s their know-how when it comes to finding the perfect pairings that make them exceptional. Why not try the venison terrine with juniper berries or perhaps hare and hazelnut terrine? You’ll sample exquisite flavour combinations that are guaranteed to transport you to the inimitable landscapes of south-west France. To add yet more authenticity, serve with gherkins – and of course, no table is complete without a selection of French cheese


Stored unopened in the fridge, BonneBouffe’s range of high-quality Castaing products will last for many months. Perfect for having in, just in case you have unexpected guests – or an overwhelming longing to be whisked away to the all-round splendour of south-west France. Bon appétit!