Sainte Lucie: Baked-in Excellence

If you love to bake, then you know the importance of top-quality ingredients. Parisian producer Sainte Lucie was one of the first companies to import vanilla and spices to France from Madagascar back in the 1880s. Today, it’s a global brand that provides certified organic baking supplies to customers all over the world, while retaining its traditional roots and its historic commitment to quality.

Read on to find out more about the wide range of Sainte Lucie products we stock here at BonneBouffe.




All things vanilla

Vanilla was Sainte Lucie’s original speciality, and it’s still a major part of their range. You can buy their 100% natural vanilla extract with seeds in our online shop. For an extra-special taste, why not try their sachets of Bourbon vanilla sugar? This vanilla-infused sugar will enhance your cakes, biscuits, pastries and even your tea and coffee with a wonderful rich sweetness.

Gelatine, pectin and baking powder

From pannacotta to bavarois, to the humble (but satisfying) marshmallow, gelatine is the key ingredient for a whole range of beloved desserts. While gelatine is easy to use in both powder and leaf form, professional chefs generally prefer leaves because they produce a consistent and clearer gel. Gelatine is classified by bloom strength into bronze, silver, gold and platinum. We stock packs of 20 bronze (halal and non-halal) and gold gelatine leaves from Sainte Lucie, as well as 9 leaves of organic gelatine. 

We offer a multipack of Sainte Lucie’s top-quality pectin sachets, as well as their baking powder – organic option included. You’ll also find their clear cake glaze in our range.

Sauces, coulis and flavourings

Sainte Lucie are known for their range of intense 100% natural flavourings, helping your creations taste fantastic and stay authentic. We have lemon, orange, raspberry, pistachio and coffee for you to try. 

If you’re looking for something to drizzle over your cake, dessert or ice cream, you can choose from coffee topping sauce, mango coulis and raspberry coulis. Sainte Lucie’s coulis are made from at least 70% fruit for the ultimate natural, refreshing taste.

Pistachio paste

Rounding out our Sainte Lucie product range is their indulgent and versatile pistachio paste. This amazing ingredient gives a beautiful colour and flavour to your macarons, biscuits and homemade ice cream, but it’s also a fantastic filling for cakes and crêpes. 

You can use pistachio paste in any recipe calling for almond paste, such as frangipane tarts. Dedicated pistachio-lovers have even been known to spread it on toast! Sainte Lucie’s pistachio paste is available from our online shop in 220g jars and 1kg tins.

At BonneBouffe, we love keeping passionate home bakers and cooks in the UK supplied with the very best authentic French products. Our range of French food online is always growing as we keep sniffing out wonderful new goods for our store.

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