Sweet, Sinful, Sustainable: La Fermière

Founded in the historic port city of Marseille in 1945, fine Provençal creamery La Fermière was created with the express aim of bringing the very best local dairy products to the everyday consumer. In this post, we’ll get to know this iconic brand and explore the products we stock here at BonneBouffe.

Sustainable packaging  


Sustainability has become increasingly important to many of us in the last few years. But for La Fermière, it was a key value right from the start.

The company launched their first range of individual flavoured yoghurts in 1965, packaged in waxed cardboard pots. In the 1980s, while other companies were enthusiastically embracing the possibilities of plastic, La Fermière was producing yoghurts and desserts in glass containers. And in 1997, it began manufacturing its iconic terracotta yoghurt pots.

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Those little terracotta pots are still a fixture today. Under the Tarpinian family, who acquired the company in 2002, La Fermière has grown into a global concern. But the brand’s local ethos remains, with its emphasis on quality, sustainability and indulgence.

Fantastic flavours


All La Fermière’s yoghurts are made from natural, carefully selected ingredients. You won’t find artificial preservatives, colourings or sweeteners in these pretty blue pots. Each flavour is made with whole Alpine milk for a truly satisfying taste. Our online range at BonneBouffe includes some of La Fermière’s most beloved flavours.

If you like the distinctive taste of plain yoghurt – or you want to add your own toppings – then you will certainly be very happy with La Fermière’s version. Thanks to that rich Alpine milk, it tastes anything but plain! You can drizzle it with honey, mix it with fresh fruit or scoop it over muesli for a treat personalised to your exact tastes. As an alternative, try the vanilla yoghurt; it’s slow-infused with real Madagascan vanilla pods for a mellow, complex flavour.

Citrus-lovers will adore the lemon yoghurt infused with fresh, hand-pressed juice and lemon zest. Its sweet-acidic taste is as indulgent as a lemon cheesecake. The honey flavour is a treat too, with pure, fragrant honey stirred through the creamy yoghurt. Finally, don’t miss the strawberry yoghurt! The yoghurt sits on a bed of strawberry puree, and the combination brings out the natural, refreshing sweetness of the berries.

Reusing the pots


Once you’ve eaten all the yoghurt, you can of course recycle the blue terracotta pots according to your local council’s regulations. But why would you want to throw them away when they’re such a handy addition to your home? Use these cute pots to plant succulents or cacti, for example. They’ll hold your pencils or paintbrush water, and can be used as ramekins for snacks or soufflés. You’ll find some starter ideas here – and note that La Fermière produces attractive, limited edition pots throughout the year in different colours at Easter and Christmas for example.

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