La Belle Chaurienne

French Specialities from the Home of Cassoulet

In the very south of France is the market town of Castelnaudary. Dating back to Roman times, this pretty little town is the birthplace of cassoulet: a traditional casserole with sausages and beans, cooked slowly in a deep earthenware dish.

Legend has it that the cassoulet was invented when Castelnaudary was besieged by Edward, Prince of Wales, during the Hundred Years’ War. The people of the town are supposed to have thrown all their remaining food together into a huge pot, to make a stew that would last out the siege. Cassoulet’s true history is more diverse, with influences from the Middle East and several regional variations. But Castelnaudary remains a place of pilgrimage for cassoulet lovers.

Based in Castelnaudary, La Belle Chaurienne is a small outfit that’s a big hitter in the online French food market. With just 120 employees, this hands-on local producer makes and distributes specialities from the South-West to the rest of France and all over the world. All ingredients are carefully sourced to ensure the highest quality. La Belle Chaurienne has a factory shop in Castelnaudary at the complex owned by its parent company, the Conserverie du Languedoc. The shop is a major attraction for locals and tourists who love great food at a fair price.

Fortunately, you don’t need to travel to the south of France to shop with La Belle Chaurienne. Read on to find out more about the dishes we stock here at Bonne Bouffe.

Authentic and modern

The star of La Belle Chaurienne’s range, of course, is its cassoulet. This is made to the classic Castelnaudary recipe, with white lingot beans, Toulouse sausage and a deep, complex tomato & garlic sauce. You can choose between pork, duck and goose, or try all three.

A traditional cassoulet takes about fifteen hours to prepare, from soaking the beans and baking in the oven to finally tucking in. Thanks to La Belle Chaurienne, enjoying this hearty speciality is as easy as heating it through in a saucepan. The cassoulets are available in individual and two-portion tins.

Cassoulet isn’t the only ready-made dish in La Belle Chaurienne’s range. You can also try blanquette de veau, a creamy veal ragout usually served with rice or potatoes; a classic beef bourguignon; beef Provençal with vegetables and olives, or a rich coq au vin.

Duck, duck, goose

If you love duck, La Belle Chaurienne has plenty to offer apart from cassoulet. Confit duck legs, duck fat, and pure duck rillettes are all made from the tastiest local fowl. Like everything in the range, they’re free of artificial preservatives. There’s a choice for goose lovers too, with lingot beans cooked in goose fat as well as a fine goose mousse infused with port.

Farmhouse and wild boar terrines round out the selection. If you’re a carnivore, there’s something here for you!

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