Know Your Onions: The Key to French Cooking

BonneBouffe French Onions Blog Post

From a rich, complex soupe à l’oignon to the simplest sauce, onions, garlic and shallots are essential ingredients in French cuisine. And if you love cooking and eating authentic French food, why not make sure you have exactly the right ingredients?

At BonneBouffe, we’re always working to bring you the best French produce, straight from the source. Here are just three highlights to enrich your next dish.

Banana shallots

If you’ve ever enjoyed a real béarnaise sauce, then you’ve tasted banana shallots. Like our Roscoff onions, these mild and tender marvels come from the coastal region of Brittany.

The delicate texture and sweet taste of these shallots make them perfect to eat raw. You can slice them into salads or mince them finely to use in sauces and dressings, confident that they’ll add a unique note without overpowering your other ingredients. But they’re great for cooking, too. You can do everything with shallots that you can do with an onion. You can even use them in place of garlic if you want a milder taste (or have an important meeting ahead!)

For an easy but tasty side dish, caramelise whole shallots with butter and thyme. Like all members of the onion family, banana shallots should be stored in a cool, dry place, and in the dark.



String of Roscoff onions


As the name suggests, Roscoff onions are grown in Roscoff, on the Brittany coast. They’re AOC certified, so you can be sure they don’t come from anywhere else.


Sweet, nutritious and versatile, the delicate pink Roscoff onion is mild enough to eat raw, and flavoursome enough to star in a whole range of dishes. Caramelise them for a tart, braise them as a side dish, stuff and roast them as an appetiser or simply sautée them in butter… the choices are endless. And they won’t even make you cry!


Roscoff onions keep very well and retain their nutritional value – including a hefty dose of vitamin C – even when stored for a long time. Just hang them up in a cool, dry and dark place and you’ll be able to use them as and when needed.

BonneBouffe French Onions Blog Post
BonneBouffe French Onions Blog



Smoked Arleux garlic braid


If you want a classic flavour with a punch, our smoked garlic is for you. Harvested and smoked in Arleux, northern France, these garlic bulbs have distinctive dark pink cloves. Garlic lovers will be intoxicated by their wonderful smell and taste.


You can use smoked garlic much as you would use roasted garlic bulbs, to bring extra flavour and depth to your dishes. It’s an amazing addition to butter, sauces and mash. If you’re a real addict, you can even spread it on toast.


Smoking is a preservation method dating back to ancient times. It means that these garlic bulbs are durable and will keep their quality over many months in cool, dark and dry conditions.

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