Falling in Love With French Tinned Fish

Over on the continent and across many parts of Europe, tinned seafood is a gorgeous delicacy worth celebrating. And some of the best products come from France: the home of canning.  


A French tradition 


Perhaps because it really hit the shelves during rationing, British people often don’t have a particularly positive relationship with tinned food. But in France – as well as places like Spain and Portugal – it’s a touch of true luxury.  


The process of canning fresh foods in warmer European climates has been around since the 1800s, when French scientist Nicolas Appert developed a method of preserving food without using salt. Centuries later, that process is used around the world, imparting exquisite flavour to many dishes.  


If you’re interested in buying French food online, and stocking your cupboards with authentic French pleasures, don’t overlook tinned fish products. They’re a mouthwatering delight in French cuisine.  



Fantastically flavourful fish 


So what makes French tinned fish and seafood so sumptuous? It’s all to do with how it’s stored.  


Fresh fish, caught off the French coast, is typically dipped into a brine bath before being grilled or fried. Once cooked, it’s canned in oil which both preserves the freshness and enhances the flavour.  


The type of oil that’s chosen isn’t random. Far from it. It’s chosen specifically to give the fish a beautifully rich and ‘umami’ flavour, making it unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. And the longer the fish has been in the tin, the more flavour it absorbs, and the better and tastier it gets.  

Some types of fish or seafood like sardines, mussels or squid are canned in extra virgin olive oil, adding a touch of the oil’s natural pepperiness to the flavour of the fish.  


Don’t settle for second best 


If you’re dreaming of digging into long, silvery sardines, or magnificently meaty mackerel, make sure you’re buying the highest quality products from the very best French brands. Here at BonneBouffe, we absolutely adore La Perle Des Dieux; a family firm founded in the late 1880s and based in Saint-Gilles Croix-de-Vie on France’s western coast. 


Wondering exactly what to do with French tinned fish? The world’s your (tinned) oyster!  


We love lemon-infused sardines, served on a thick slice of toast for a simple supper. But the possibilities are almost endless. How about adding tinned fish to a dish of parmentier potatoes? Or turning the fish into pâté and serving with delicious French bread or slices of fresh vegetables?  

One of the best ways to enjoy tinned fish, however, is simply straight from the can. Enjoy them exactly as they are, for the perfect l’heure de l’apéro or tapas style to stimulate the appetite before dinner.  


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