Our Deliciously Tempting Valrhona Range

If you like to bake sweet treats at home, or you’re simply a chocolate-loving snacker, it’s highly likely that you’ll know the name Valrhona. This legendary French chocolate manufacturer is also a sustainability champion, their entire range is suitable for vegetarians and they have a wide range of vegan-friendly products too. 


Founded in 1922 in Tain-l’Hermitage, in the Rhône valley, the original aim of Valrhona was to supply France’s pastry chefs with unique artisanal chocolate. Today, the name Valrhona is famous worldwide as a stamp of quality. Young patissiers and chocolatiers aspire to study at one of the company’s four training schools, and its plantations in Venezuela and the Dominican Republic produce fair, sustainable cocoa.


We stock a number of Valrhona products at BonneBouffe as part of our mission to bring you the best and tastiest French food online. Read on to find out more about our selection.


Valrhona Blog
Valrhona BonneBouffe Blog

Valrhona for gourmets


If you’re a passionate home confectioner or patissier, you’ll love our Valrhona range, starting with their innovative “Inspirations”. These all-natural vegan couvertures are infused with freeze-dried fruit juice that will add a unique punch to your creations. The tempting flavours in the Inspirations range include Yuzu, Passionfruit, Strawberry and Raspberry.


We also offer chocolate fèves in dark, milk, white, caramel and dulcey varieties, for all your culinary needs. Dulcey or “blond” chocolate is a Valrhona invention with a delightful origin story: one of Valrhona’s patissiers left some white chocolate in the bain-marie for too long, effectively toasting it so that it developed an appealing caramelised colour and flavour. The distinctive flavour of dulcey chocolate has been compared to dulce de leche, and it can be used in place of white or milk chocolate in any recipe. 

Neutral glaze and Valrhona’s rich, intense cocoa powder round out the range. Even if you can’t train with a Valrhona pastry chef – or not yet, anyway – you can follow their legendary tradition in your own kitchen.

Valrhona for gourmands


If you prefer your chocolate as is, we have a great selection of Valrhona bars to indulge your taste buds. In addition to milk, dark, and dulcey bars, you can also choose from white chocolate infused with raspberry and dark chocolate with orange. As with all Valrhona’s offerings, these are fair, sustainable and vegtarian-friendly.

True to their roots in the wine country of the Rhône, Valrhona are also experts in pairing chocolate with wine. If this idea appeals to you – and it is very appealing – you can find tasting notes for their different cocoa varieties here. There are even suggested pairings for beer lovers. And, of course, you can never go wrong with a cup of good coffee.

Valrhona BonneBouffe Blog

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